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The benefit of having a cloud-based database system in charity is that, no matter where you are, with internet access you have all you need, when you need it.

Stresses and pressures of modern life often demand that charities needs to function within our daily parameters of work, school and social responsibilities. Without a cloud-based system in place, information that charity heads and administrators need on an ongoing basis can involve extensive travel and time in order to locate that which is needed. Though it may be a simple piece of information that is needed, the effort that is required to retrieve it can often slow down vital processes and place unnecessary burdens on ministers and individuals. 

iKnow Charity is a cloud-based charity database system that allows charities to store vital information together in one place, whilst being able to give permission based access to multiple people, who are all able to access what they need from where they are situated. 

With a paper or computer based system, storing and locating information is limited to a certain location or machine, which requires only a handful of people who are able to access what is required. 

There are additional problems with this method should there be an emergency with either the people, locations or computers that are involved, restricting access further. 

A cloud-based system not only alleviate these issues but it provides charities the ability to run far more efficiently by freeing up time, necessary in a fast paced world.

Within iKnow Charities, you can manage and also delegate the management of, rota’s, volunteers, donors, giving and donations.

To find out more about iKnow’s features, you can visit our full list of what iKnow Charity offers. Or contact a member of our team on the details below.

With permission based access levels, you can tailor iKnow to suit your own charity, so as to keep sensitive information sensitive, and open up the appropriate information to those who need it. iKnow Charity understand how important security issues are and that is why we take this seriously, you can find further information in this regard on the links below.

iKnow Charity takes security seriously, click on this link to find out more about our security.

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